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Actros 4 & 5, Arocs 4 & 5



Actros 4 & 5, Arocs 4 & 5



Actros 4 & 5, Arocs 4 & 5

What are the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured clutch?

A Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured clutch incorporates all the latest technological advancements from series production and is remanufactured ready for installation.

How does a clutch work?

The clutch is the link between the engine and transmission. Its components interact to ensure that engine torque is reliably transferred to the transmission. The clutch disconnects the engine torque to enable gear changes and bring the vehicle to a halt. When you drive off, however, the clutch pressure plate pushes the clutch plate harder and harder against the flywheel through spring force. This allows the speed of the transmission input shaft to be adjusted to that of the clutch.

How do I identify a defective clutch?

Like the brake, the clutch is one of the spare parts in a vehicle subjected to the most stress. That is because its function means that it is exposed to high pressures and temperatures.

This wear sometimes leads to defects, which can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • Clutch slips (discrepancy between engine output and indicated engine speed)
  • Engaging gears is difficult
  • Gears slip
  • The transmission unit makes loud noises when you select gears
  • Abrupt starts when you let out the clutch

Mercedes-Benz quality for your truck clutch kit.

The genuine remanufactured clutch kit as a spare part saves time and money, because the quick installation process cuts non-operational time. The genuine remanufactured clutch kits from Mercedes-Benz can be made available for your truck quickly, and the economical use of resources means that you help the environment in the process.

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