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It's being identical that generates the difference

Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts are identical alternatives to the latest new Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, but provide cost savings of up to 50%.

Sometimes known as 'service-exchange' parts, but not to be confused with 'reconditioned', 'repaired' or 'recycled' parts, Mercedes-Benz only offer fully-remanufactured parts. Have a look at the table below to understand Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts differ from other types of 'service-exchange' parts.

Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts All Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts are fully disassembled,checked and components replaced to bring them back to theexact same standards as Mercedes-Benz new GenuineParts.ReMan GenuineParts ensures a great fit, first time, everytime and perform at their best with other Mercedes-Benzcomponents. This therefore guarantees the same high levelperformance as a New GenuinePart, every time
Other types of 'service-exchange' parts  
Reconditioned parts The process of reconditioning will sometimes include rustremoval and replacement of failed components. However,these parts do not normally include full disassembly testingor replacement of wearing items. The parts being replacedare inconsistent, and only quick functional tests are performed.The longevity of these parts therefore cannot be guaranteed.
Repaired parts This usually refers to a worn part which has been madeoperational again by only replacing the failed componentpart when necessary. Other components are not inspectedor tested therefore reliability and durability of the partcannot be determined.
Recycled parts Typically previously used or salvage parts that are still in anacceptable condition for use but there is no guarantee onhow well they will work or for how long.



Cost savings of up to 50%

Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts are the economic alternative to new parts. Due to the substantial saving on raw material from the remanufacturing process, we are able to pass these cost savings directly to you - with up to 50% saving compared to the equivalent new Mercedes-Benz GenuinePart - without compromising on the quality and reliability of our parts.

Environmentally responsible

Mercedes-Benz supports a global initiative towards environmental sustainability. Since ReMan GenuineParts do not have to be produced from scratch, less energy is required. Re-using parts also saves valuable raw materials and reduces manufacturing emissions.

Overall the Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts programme helps save some 13,500 tonnes of raw materials every year. In addition, around 54,000 MWh of energy are saved – enough to supply around 17,000 households with energy for a whole year.



Identical market leading warranty

Consistent with all Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, ReMan alternatives benefit from the same market leading manufacturer warranty cover.

All Mercedes-Benz Van parts come with a comprehensive, 24 months unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty. Any part which proves defective - due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect - within their warranty period will be replaced. Additionally, when fitted by a Mercedes-Benz Dealer, labour will be free of charge.

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