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Mercedes-Benz Actros 

Welcome to a New Dimension


Staying ahead of the game requires vehicles that do the same.

Introducing the Actros, the new benchmark for long distance transport.

This addition to the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle range puts everything that has gone before it in the shade. Its modern cab offers the driver maximum comfort whilst delivering exceptional fuel economy. The Actros is now easier and safer to drive, and more outstandingly capable than any other big truck that’s gone before.

The model range offers a vehicle configuration for just about any application in long distance transport, and now provides an even more tailored solution, with the addition of more cab variants, a wider choice of driveline and a multitude of new productivity, comfort and safety features to make your vehicle even more cost effective to run.

Stay ahead in every aspect, call your local dealer today and experience a new dimension, the Actros from Mercedes-Benz.


Characteristic Mercedes-Benz Appearance

Perfectly tailored to the demands of the future. With miles in mind, the Actros has been designed from the ground up to deliver the best result in long-haul driving. The Actros delivers in so many ways:

Comfort. For driving, working and living.

The innovative interior of the Actros has been specifically designed to make a driver’s working day easier. Because a more relaxed driver is a safer driver. Each unique in-cab feature has been specifically designed to provide optimum comfort for working, living and sleeping.

Dynamic Handling. For safety and productivity.

Through the introduction of ultra-modern technology, our all-new vehicle design has enabled us to achieve a quantum leap in handling and safety. The high-torque 6-cylinder engines and perfectly matched PowerShift 3 transmissions offers an immediate response, whilst an all-new rear air suspension and chassis frame provide unrivalled stability and comfort. With comprehensive safety equipment including Stability Control Assist as standard and Active Brake Assist 3, Proximity Control Assist with Stop-and-go function, Attention Assist and Lane Keeping Assist as optional extras, the Actros sets a new standard in long distance driving safety.

Economy. Better fuel consumption. Lower costs.

At the heart of the Actros lies a range of new 6-cylinder engines that exceed the standards of Euro V, EEV or Euro VI and improve fuel consumption over today’s class leader. In addition, the Actros offers a host of features to boost your profitability along with attractive finance and leasing packages that provide outstanding value.

Product Portfolio. For perfectly matched solutions.

The Actros can be tailored to your specific needs in many ways, with a freely selectable modular design. For example, we can offer a range of eleven cabs, a wide range of axle and frame height configurations as both tractor units and rigid models, four different profiles for fuel tanks and a wide and complete range of wheelbases, overhangs and crossmember positions, making body building faster and more cost effective.

The new dimension of Services.

We place our range of tailor-made services at your disposal to ensure hassle-free driving. Alongside the extensive Europe-wide workshop network and 24 hour support, these include FleetBoard® telematics, Service Contracts, Driver Training and Financial Services all customised to meet your needs. In addition, our comprehensive range of accessories ensures that your Actros cuts a particularly individual figure as it goes about its work.



All of the seats in the Actros have been completely redeveloped for optimum driver comfort, with a 40 mm wider seat, increased adjustment range and a wide range of finishes available. The standard Comfort seat with Velour cover in our Long Distance Cabs is impressively comfortable, and Leather or Dinamica Star covers are optionally available. In addition to options such as a heated and ventilated seat, the Actros also offers an optional Massage function seat.


Maximum Payload – Actros Loader

The concept of a truck designed for maximum payload is nothing new – but never before has it been implemented in such a systematic manner. As a result, the Actros Loader is extremely light despite the significantly heavier Euro VI technology, achieved by a whole raft of standard-fit weight-reducing measures, some minor and some more major, which combine together to enable you to carry more payload.

Both as tractor unit or rigid, the Actros Loader models are offered with a wide range of frugal engine options to suit the task at hand: 7.7 l displacement and an output of 200 kW1) (272 hp) up to 260 kW (354 hp), or 10.7 l displacement and an output of 240 kW (326 hp) up to 315 kW (428 hp), all with 8 or 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmissions and super-wide tyres on aluminium rims as standard.

There is a choice of ClassicSpace or StreamSpace cabs, with 170 mm or 320 mm engine tunnels – offering the ultimate in flexibility to suit the operation. The fact that the Actros Loader is one of the lightest trucks in long-distance transport doesn’t mean that you have to do without the high levels of safety so typical for the Actros, however. As with all Actros models, the Actros Loader is available with a complete range of safety systems – either singly or bundled in appropriate and particularly reasonably-priced optional Safety Packs. Large payloads don’t pay off until they have arrived safely at their destination.

Maximum Volume – Actros Volumer

Huge transportation volumes, fuel-saving powertrain configurations, an increased range and perfect alignment to the application for which you intend to deploy it – the Actros Volumer shows how tractor units and rigid trucks need to be built today, to make high-volume haulage especially profitable.

Offering fifth wheel heights from under 900mm, The Actros Volumer can give a clear loading height of 3 m within a 4m height limit, but offering so many other benefits.

The maximum fuel tank volume, for example, has been increased to 990 l, and is thus some 10% larger than in the predecessor model – and this despite having to accommodate the extra size of the Euro VI exhaust technology. Low-frame rigid trucks have a maximum fuel tank volume of 1000 l, an increase of 70%. That saves money through removing the need to retro-fit tank add-ons. The economical 6-cylinder in-line engines, available in 13 power bands from 175 kW (238 hp) to 350 kW (476 hp), play their part in increasing the range by using less fuel per kilometre travelled. Over and above this, the powertrain configurations that have been optimised for their end-use applications make the Actros Volumer a truly economical haulage solution – for the wide range of rear axle ratios available means that, even with 315/45 tyres, the Actros Volumer can always be fitted with direct drive transmission, saving up to 1% fuel compared to overdrive transmission. In addition, a range of eleven different cab variants – from the GigaSpace through to the CompactSpace cab, which is ideal for car transportation – provides the right amount of space for practically every requirement in international and domestic high-volume haulage. In short: the Actros Volumer brings together three decisive advantages in one vehicle: huge transportation volume, increased range and excellent economy.


Safety Attention Assist

Attention Assist monitors driving style to assess whether the attention of the driver is starting to wane. If it detects a decrease in attention, the driver is warned through the dashboard and acoustically, and the vehicle suggests taking a break.

Working in combination with Lane Keeping Assist, the Attention Assist system is purely to support and increase safety, and will not intervene in driving.

Active Brake Assist 3

The Active Brake Assist 3 system assists the driver when a hazard is detected and reduces the vehicle speed by staged braking intervention. When driving at speeds above 10 km/h, Active Brake Assist 3 evaluates the traffic situation in front of the vehicle. The system monitors the distances from vehicles driving in front as well as their speeds whilst also being able to detect stationary obstacles.

The Actros is optionally available with Active Brake Assist 3. This safety system can now also prevent* an impending collision with a stationary object, or considerably reduce impact speed, through autonomous full braking. In this way, accidents can be avoided, or the severity of an accident can be significantly reduced.

Lane Keeping Assist

The optional Lane Keeping Assist is a lane recognition system which detects if the truck unintentionally strays too close to the edge of a lane.

A small camera located behind the windscreen monitors road-markings and relays the information to an on-board computer. If the lateral distance between the vehicle and the lane markings changes, the system emits an audible signal via the stereo speakers, alerting the driver to correct the course of the vehicle before any problems arise.

Roll Control Assist

Available for air sprung vehicles, Roll Control Assist sees the fitment of electronically controlled active dampers, constantly adjusting to suit road conditions and counteracting the rollover tendencies of high centre of gravity or dynamic loads. This improves both ride comfort and safety.

Stability Control Assist

Standard fitment across many Actros models, Stability Control Assist helps to maintain driving stability of both truck and trailer in potentially dangerous driving situations such as skidding or swerving. The system acts to redress the balance by adjusting the truck’s power supply and braking. Through systematic adjustment of the engine torque, precisely metered tractor braking and trailer control combine to help drivers avoid dangerous situations.

Combined with an alert and careful driving style, Stability Control Assist can make a significant difference to safety for both vehicles and personnel.

Driver's Airbag

Available as an optional extra with a seatbelt tensioner, the driver's airbag is activated by collision sensors only if the impact is severe enough to require it. In conjunction with a properly worn seatbelt, the driver’s airbag can reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.


The Actros is available with a choice of four engine displacements and 16 power ratings from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp), each designed for maximum fuel efficiency, maximum torque and driveability, low noise & emissions and a long life with unsurpassed reliability. All ratings are offered complying with the most stringent Euro VI emissions standard, helping you to future-proof your business.

All are designed for economy, and the Actros delivers outstanding fuel savings of up to 4% at Euro VI (compared to the already frugal predecessors). Just one of the impressive credentials, and on the OM 47x 10.7, 12.8 and 15.6 l engines this impressive figure can be attributed in part to the X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure injection system which injects fuel into the cylinders at up to 2,100 bar.

To add to all this, the Actros is available until Q4 2013 as selected models with 420, 450 and 510 hp ratings with Euro V emissions, offering even higher fuel economy, and fuel savings of up to 7% compared to the Euro V predecessor.

In addition to saving on fuel, the new truck engines will save in other areas with reduced AdBlue consumption of up to 40% reduction with Euro VI, reduced maintenance costs, and increased design life.

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