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As a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz, we’re sure you want to look after it.




To get the best out of your van and to keep it running how the Mercedes-Benz engineers intended, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals at any one of our Mercedes-Benz authorised Dealers located across the United Kingdom.

We have a number of servicing and repair options such as Fixed Price Repairs, Fixed Price Servicing, and Service Contracts which are designed to help manage your maintenance costs with flexible and affordable options.

Not only will you feel reassured that trained technicians are working on your van, you can rest assured that they will use Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

What we will do for you

Having your van serviced by a Mercedes-Benz Dealer will ensure that:

  • Your van will be serviced correctly; servicing carried out to the manufacturer's standards can increase fuel economy by 30%.
  • During your visit, service measures requested by the factory will be undertaken to ensure that your vehicle receives all the necessary upgrades free of charge.
  • Only GenuineParts will be fitted, reducing the chances of vehicle breakdown and inconvenience to yourself and your business.
  • Only the correct grade of oil will be used for your vehicle to ensure our class leading standards for both fuel economy and length of service interval are maintained. Using the wrong oil can reduce service intervals by up to 50% and cause damage to the diesel particulate filter.
  • An APW (Anti-Perforation Warranty) inspection is undertaken during servicing to ensure your Mercedes-Benz paint and body warranty is kept valid.
  • Work will only be undertaken by accredited Mercedes-Benz technicians. They know the vehicles they work on. They will only replace and repair that which is necessary and which you agree to, reducing your potential costs and ensuring trouble free motoring.

Remember, only work you request and approve will be undertaken.

Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle Health Check

When you bring your vehicle in to a Mercedes-Benz Authorised Repairer for a service or repair, you can also request a comprehensive Visual Health Check on your van.

Our expertly trained technicians will run a series of checks on your vehicle. In fact, they will look at 36 different points on your vehicle and provide a written report at the end of it, with an explanation of any findings.

Your Service Advisor will go through the report with you, to help you decide what action to take, if any. You’ll receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, but you’re under no obligation to have it done there and then.

To help you decide, the written report grades each element of the health check according to the following colour codes:

Red items
Require urgent attention.

Amber items
Some concerns identified.
If not addressed, these items need monitoring to ensure safety and/or reliability of your vehicle is not compromised.

Green items
Vehicle has been checked and is in satisfactory condition.

Service Intervals

All New Mercedes-Benz vans have their service intervals determined by the onboard Service Assyst computer programme.

When the van requires a lubrication service a single spanner will light up on the dashboard and when the van requires a maintenance service two spanners will light up.

The intervals between services are totally dependant on the usage of the vehicles and the strain placed on them. Large variations can exist within the same specification of vehicle dependant upon driving styles, types of roads, traffic conditions, usage and equipment fitted to the vehicle. As an example, a generator on a refrigerated van would greatly reduce the service intervals.

As a general rule of thumb, an approximate mileage of 25,000 miles on a van might be expected where no external factors affect the efficiency of the vehicle or its operation.

Electronic Service Sheet

Added peace of mind for you.

The Mercedes-Benz Electronic Service Sheet is a simple, convenient way to go online and find out what should be included in your next service, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to give you further peace of mind that only the necessary work is being carried out on your vehicle.

There are three simple steps to guide you through the system, which once completed will then notify you with all the parts that are required.

Your Mercedes-Benz Dealer will also have a copy of this to work from - so you can rest assured that the service will be completed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Online Van Service Advisor

Online Van Service Advisor

When it comes to taking care of your Mercedes-Benz Van, nobody knows your vehicle better than our trained technicians.

There can be a misconception that work carried out by a Mercedes-Benz Dealer is expensive. However, we ensure our services are competitively priced, so you could be pleasantly surprised!

That's because we don't cut corners when it comes to the safety of you and your vehicle.

We're completely transparent with our pricing and to prove it, we've created the Mercedes-Benz Online Van Service Advisor:

  • Online booking at a time convenient to you
  • No hard sell
  • Transparent pricing online
  • No obligation quote
  • Labour guaranteed for 12 months
  • GenuineParts fitted come with a 24 month warranty
  • The peace of mind that you expect from Mercedes-Benz
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money

Can your local independent workshop offer you all of the above?

MOT & Repairs

MOT & Repairs

Your MOT certificate confirms that your vehicle meets the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. Regular maintenance of your vehicle within a Mercedes-Benz authorised repairer will help to ensure your vehicle runs at its very best, both in terms of safety and economy for you.

When to MOT your vehicle

You can renew your MOT up to one month before it expires without affecting your annual expiry date. Contact your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer to book your next MOT or to find out when yours is due.

Smart Repairs

Keyhole surgery available here

Sometimes a small ding, dent, scratch to bodywork, tear in a seat, or chip in a windscreen can make a huge amount of difference to the value of a vehicle.

When it comes to motor vehicles, the difference between the value of a well-maintained vehicle and one that is not can be readily seen in the part exchange price that one receives for the vehicle.

There are other costs too, such as:

  • The image your vehicle might give to your customer
  • The hidden message to customers about attention to detail when it comes undertaking work for them
  • The impression conveyed to your staff about how to treat business assets.

The Mercedes-Benz Van you chose makes a statement about you and your business. With modern technology we can repair that irritating ding, dent, or scratch to bodywork, tear in a seat, or chip in a windscreen at a price that could pleasantly surprise you.

Speak to your local Dealer today for more information, using the button on the right to get their contact details

Fixed Price Repairs

You can see how competitively priced the repair will be, before we even start.

Following the introduction of our fixed price servicing, we would like to be as transparent with our repair costs. When you bring your Mercedes-Benz in to one of our participating authorised Commercial Vehicle repairers, you’ll know in advance exactly what you’re going to pay.

Each Fixed Price Repair includes:

  • The use of only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts which include a reassuring 24 month warranty
  • All work is carried out by Mercedes-Benz factory-trained technicians and is guaranteed for 12 months
  • Every vehicle will receive a FREE visual Health Check
  • Competitively priced rental vans available whilst your vehicle is in
  • While you wait option available, please ask your Service Advisor how long your repair may take
  • Collection and delivery to your home or place of work (if within area)
  • Out of hours maintenance available

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